INCOENERGY R   e   n   o   v   á   v   e   i   s   

Improvement New Concept OEnergy

Our company has headquarters in Campinas -Sao Paulo -Brazil and operates in the renewable energy generation sector. Since 2008, we operate in Brazil in project development of photovoltaic, Biomass power plants and other sources of clean energy.

INCOENERGY follows the most rigorous, and current standards preserving the environment, and acts in accordance with international and applicable law in Brazil.



INCOENERGY  is based on the "Business Principles Code", created by the company order to guide all partnership processes, and make the trade negotiations more transparent. Taking into account the mutual benefit in which all parties should have the rights and obligations in proportion to their work and responsibilities.

​The focus is on long-term partnership and therefore, we have adopted the model "win to win" as a basic principle. The projects take into account the social environment and sustainability, in which add up benefits to society, especially the less privileged social classes.

While talking on ethics, INCOENERGY, seeks to treat everyone with equanimity, regardless of the ethnicity, social and economic class. The relationship always shall be founded on respect, dignity and nondiscrimination.


INCOENERGY provide full assistence to International Companies

-Solar Station installed more than 1 year record, according ANEEL requestion.

-Business Plan BNDES model , Financing 70% CAPEX   - IRR over 15% until 24%.

- All contracts ready -SPV,  Consortium , Company contract, Purchase Contract  PPA…